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Doug and Stana are a dream team!!! They are very professional yet so easy to work with. Our family was in Big Sky to celebrate our 50th anniversary and they made a potentially exasperating situation into a fun and pleasant experience. They had a real eye for picking complimentary backgrounds for the various group pictures and they also captured some cute and candid ones. The end results were excellent!!! Thank you Doug and Shana!! We are so grateful to have these wonderful memories of a very special week.


Doug and Stana, I never knew the value of a photograph that captures someone’s true essence until my Dad passed away. Now, those photographs are irreplaceable. I’ve long admired your work, Doug, which clearly speaks for itself. Years ago, I promised myself that once we had children I would invest in your services. I assumed your prices would be prohibitive, given your level of craft and experience working with National Geographic. I was surprised to learn that your fees are not only fair but competitive with other local photographers. I appreciate that there are no hidden additional costs and we don't have to pick and choose select images from the session. Anyone can snap a photo with the phone in their pocket, or setup a group picture where everyone is posed and looking at the camera. However, it’s your relaxed methodology that puts people at ease and you record what you see in a way that captures people in their best light, with genuine expressions. Even with a screaming baby, a hyper toddler and spit up on our clothes, you skillfully encapsulated our personalities. What a gift it is to have you photograph our family Doug. Your images are works of art that tell a story. Thank you.


I can’t imagine a world without my family and friends. I can’t imagine a home without Doug’s photographs here and there reminding me of all that is good in my life. With a quick click of the shutter Doug finds the true self of a person, and do I dare say the best self of us all. I am thankful for his gift as a photographer, and that he is a true artist with a camera. He captures the soul in a moment of time that can be kept for eternity in an image. Thank you Doug and Stana for all the beauty your work brings to my world.


Doug Loneman is a gifted artist. He shares his talents with his clients in the most kind and modest way. He works magic with the camera lens as he puts everyone at ease. We had a family photo shoot with Doug and his wonderful partner Stana in Big Sky Montana. They scouted out the perfect location and made it fun for a family with three teenagers! That’s a miracle in itself. Doug and Stana were completely focused on making this a positive experience for us all. The photos came out more beautiful than we had ever imagined. Doug captured our kids’ personalities, no more than that, he captured their mischievous and playful spirits in his shots. He worked wonders with light and angles. Thank you Doug for giving us a beautiful collection of photos to treasure forever!


We had such an amazing experience with Doug and Stana. Doug was easy going and a calming presence "in the field". We have three kids and two dogs- and amazingly we had a lot of beautiful photos to choose from - his photography captured ALL of us and the Montana landscape we love. With this good fortune comes the difficult experience of figuring out what you want... but then comes the next amazing piece.... the lovely Stana. She brings an amazing human kindness to the "business" of making these choices, and I left the studio with the perfect assortment of photos and a deeper appreciation for the people I love as seen through her eyes. A special blessing indeed! Take advantage of her help post-session. You can't miss with the entire experience.


Loneman Photography is the Best! Always ready with fresh idea's, their style reflects artistry and attention to detail. I have used them again and again for both my family photography and business promotion needs at Bozeman Broker Group. I could not be happier with their service and recommend them with no reservation.

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